Rotary Club of Boise Southwest, Idaho

Exciting news, if you haven’t heard:  we have formed a satellite club in Idaho City and we have Mowbray Brown to thank.  Mowb has a long family history with Idaho City and thought…why not a Rotary Club there?  His first step was to leave Rotary information around town, including at the Boise Basin Library.  In an amazing stroke of luck, the head of the library, Marci Moore, knows about Rotary.  Her father was district governor so she values the organization and what it offers both its members and its communities.  A partnership was born.
Marci gladly volunteered to lead the satellite club and proceeded to reach out to her Idaho City friends and colleagues.  In a very short time she recruited 12 people to join:  Rora Canody, Ed Didinger, Bobby Mathews, Barbara McClain, Matthew Nesbitt, Jennifer Olvera, Theresa Pledge, Sydney Porter, Beth Wilson, Brian Hunicke and Staci Baumhoff.  This is an amazing accomplishment.  To our new members in Idaho City we say WELCOME.  You have a rewarding future with Rotary.  
Additionally, Boise Southwest Rotary has donated $2,500 to the Idaho City School District PTA to procure badly needed football helmets for the school team.  Receiving the contribution below are members of the PTA, the Rotary satellite club, and some of the football players.